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The Dirty Girl Scout!

Do you enjoy hosting parties and entertaining friends? Here is a shot recipe that is sure to to impress and leave all your guests asking for more. This delicious shot tastes like the famous mint girl scout cookies we all love so much!

Ingredients: Irish Cream Liquor, Creme de Menthe Liqueur, Creme de Cacao Liqueur, Vodka (optional) and Ice

Add a handful of ice to the shaker


Add equal parts of Irish Cream, Cream de Menthe, and Creme de Cacao

For a stronger drink, add an equal part of Vodka…


Shake to mix the contents evenly and ensure the beverage is thoroughly chilled.


Strain the mixture into the glass and enjoy!


Ahhh, delicious ;)


Source: WikiHow

Uniformed Police Officer Destroys Street Performer In Dance Battle

So these dudes are having a full on DANCE BATTLE underground. They’re pretty good too — with their flips and their jumps — so a large crowd has gathered to watch. Then the COPS show up! One UNIFORMED officer comes charging right into the middle of the battle circle — but not to break it up — he accepts the CHALLENGE and starts THROWING DOWN! And he’s GOOD!! I mean REALLY, REALLY GOOD!!!

Epic Street Dance Battle [via]